Business Traveling the easy way


TravelerBuddy Group asked us to build their entire product environment consisting of an iOS-, an Android and a Web-App, a high performance Web-Service and several connected Backends with the ability to scale fast and to handle multiple clients as part of their corporate solutions strategy.

Whereas the native Apps were designed and built in their respective environments, the Web-Service (or API) posed a different challenge as performance and responsiveness were paramount requirements. To solve that the PhalconPHP-Framework was picked to handle large simultaneous requests without pushing the Environment to its limits.

TravelerBuddy’s key features are Automatic Itinerary Generation, Pre-Travel Checks, Expense Assistant and Real-Time Alerts which is taking away a lot of hassle and uncertainty for Business Trips which can get quite complicated. An Expense Assistant allows travelers to track and save all invoices for much easier reimbursement after the trip is completed.

These and more features make TravelerBuddy quite a unique App in it’s field, basically like GoogleNow but done right.